About Us

Lian-Hwa Foods Corp. started as Lian-Hwa Trading Company, an import/export company specializing in trading raw and processed food commodities. In 1970, the company entered processed food business and thus Lian-Hwa Foods Corporation was officially established. Since then, the company has expanded and ventured into snack foods and RTE fresh foods.

Business Divisions

Snack Food Division

Currently there are six brands within the snack food division in Lian-Hwa Foods Corp. and each brand caters to its own unique demographics. With an extensive product portfolio, Lian-Hwa is serving people of all ages with different needs. Lian-Hwa’s strong emphasis on R&D enables it to become an innovative leader in the snack food industry.


RTE Fresh Food Division

Lian-Hwa Foods Corp. serves as one of the main contract manufacturers of Ready-To-Eat fresh foods for 7-11 in Taiwan. Orders are placed by multiple 7-11 locations throughout Taiwan one day prior and various items are prepared and shipped twice a day to these locations. Manufacturing RTE fresh foods entails complex production process and rigorous quality control; not many food manufacturers have this capability. Being one of the two major contract manufacturers for 7-11, the largest convenience store chain in Taiwan, is a testament to Lian-Hwa’s ability to provide delicious, high quality yet safe foods for consumers.